About Us

Take everything you have ever heard about a major record label or the music business and throw it out the window…We Did! The Render Records model is simple, If The Music Is Right, The Business Will Be There! Some say that you have to think outside the box to be successful in today’s music business, well, we went a step further and threw the box out the window too. At Render Records, we believe in music, it’s creation, passion and its ability to build bridges and tear down walls of separation in a global society. Our objective is to work with artist that we believe in and utilize the social media avenue along with radio, television and film to introduce our artists to the most important person in the process…YOU! We won’t begin to decide for you when it comes to the music you will hear and buy, we are smart enough to realize that you can do that on your own. We are all about getting the music to you the people and letting you decide it’s fate and not some stuffy record executive that spends his days listening to music he can’t stand, knows nothing about, wishing he had gotten into acting. We hope you like what we do, because we love it.

There are no suits at work at Render Records, but you will find a lot of t-shirts, tattoos, spiked hair, jeans and flip- flops. Our creative and ownership team is comprised of hit songwriters,  award winning producers from every genre of music and some of the music industry and tech worlds smartest people!

Randy Adams is a graduate of MIT and former member of the board of directors of Yahoo, where he secured Yahoo’s initial financing through his partners at Sequoia Capital and oversaw their transition to a public company. He is also credited with creating Adobe Acrobat and the PDF file format as Director of Engineering for Adobe. In addition to his role with Render Records and Render Filmz, Randy is currently the Director and Co-Founder of actor Will Ferrells’ company Funny or Die, funnyordie.com, the webs most popular comedy website, as well as, Director and    Co-Founder of Celebrity Apps, the premier mobile app publisher for celebrities and celebrity brands. He frequently lectures at Stanford University on becoming an entrepreneur and has been called one of the brightest minds in technology in the past 25 years, we simply call him “The Man”!

Steve Freeman is a professional songwriter and award winning record producer. His credits as both can be found on millions of records sold worldwide, as well as heard on radio stations around the globe. Over the last decade, his songs and the albums he’s produced for both major label and indie label artists have been praised by the likes of Billboard, Gavin, R&R, Country Weekly, New Music Weekly and Music Row Magazine where leading country music critic Robert K. Oermann has awarded him 2 Discovery awards to date.

As a songwriter his songs have been cut by artists in several genres including Country, Pop, Rock and Christian Contemporary, including his first #1 single “Where’s The Good In Goodbye” by David Aldo which he also produced. He now writes for StarNote Music, a BMI publishing company, named in honor of the five point star made of music notes found tattooed on his right hand. Before writing for StarNote, Steve was signed to Murrah/Colton Music Publishing in Nashville. Murrah/Colton was born from the highly successful Murrah Music, owned by the legendary songwriter Roger Murrah. Murrah Music was the only independent music publisher to ever be named to Billboard Magazines Top 10 Publishers list. As a producer, Steve has been hired to produce music for everyone from major and indie labels and artists, hit television shows, independent films and major motion pictures to theme songs for a 2012 Presidential Campaign. In the last two years alone, Steve has produced two #1 singles, one country, one pop, a #2 pop single and four Top 40 singles across all music genres.

Combined, the Render Records ownership and creative team is responsible for more than 10 Billboard #1 records, countless Top 40 singles and over 10 million units sold worldwide and growing. Our team currently works or has worked with some of the largest companies and most influential people in television, music and film including, ABC, CBS, NBC, Disney, Nickelodeon, HBO, FX, Jason Aldean, Thompson Square, Kelly Clarkson, Bryan Adams, Ludacris, Miranda Lambert, Jewel, Rod Stewart, Tom Petty, Ronnie Milsap, Trace Adkins, Jimmy Fallon, Conan O’Brien Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Oprah Winfrey, Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel and even former South African President Nelson Mandela.

Render Records Artists represent a span of the globe from South Alabama to South Africa and such diverse genres from Rock to Christian Contemporary to Hip Hop. We believe great music is a different flavor for every individual. We have something for everyone! We are backed by one of the largest independent music distributors in the world, so you can find our music and our artists anywhere you buy music.

Where’s The Good In Goodbye // David Aldo - Halfway To Memphis
  1. Where’s The Good In Goodbye // David Aldo - Halfway To Memphis
  2. Bush Whiskey // Jamie Jones - Bush Whiskey
  3. Crank It Up // DOWNDAY - After All These Years